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Our Products

We manufacture & recover rubber rollers & are very interested in earning your business!   

RollerTec has many perks to being your primary rubber roller supplier, including the following:

       The fastest turnaround times in the industry

     We manufacture all of our cores in house.

 Let RollerTec see what they can do for you!  We also offer services on custom presses.

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Meter Rollers

We offer free repair services for all orders of 10 or more!
Meter, nip, or laminating. They do NOT have to be the same type. Overall quantity sent in is your savings in repairs.

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Tint Sleeves

3.0 x 3.5 x 18" EPDM 65 Durometer*

*Note: Need a different size? Special application? Contact us for assistance!


Nip, Laminate, and more!

Order Back-up rolls now When lead-time is a major factor in printing, many companies pull the meter and nip rolls out and need a back-up. Talk to us about filling your inventory with new rolls from our shelves. Quantity saves!

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408 S. Second St.
Cedartown, GA 30125



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